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Building a professional blog can be cost-prohibitive, with an average price of $1000-$3000 per custom implementation. Our unique approach gives you all the tools you need to achieve social selling success at a fraction of the cost.

For a modest monthly fee, you get a professional WordPress blog with the name of your choice, already outfitted with a high-quality theme and all the latest, proven features. Plus you get full hosting and support, automatic updates to keep your blog technology current, and access to powerful content and community through the Jazzboo Network. It’s that simple.

Monthly Billing Annual Billing
$49/mo * $39/mo *

*Recurring monthly billing.

*Billed in one lump sum. Recurring yearly billing.

Enterprise Pricing

Enterprise pricing is available for businesses that want to give consistency and social selling capabilities to an entire sales force, integrate with a secondary service for amplification and analytics, or add specialized custom features.